ProfiHome is a family company with rich tradition, on both inerior designig and building markets.It started modestly from small repairs, corrections, minor renovations. It quickly became clear, however, that we can do much more. And so the work went from simple to serious projects, significantly expanding the area of activities. Comprehensive approach has become our specialty : we deal with advanced repairs, as well as building from scratch.
Today, not only do we put up houses, but also design the interiors and make designer furniture. Importantly, we always take into account the whole project, so as to create a coherent and harmonious composition. We attach great importance to even the smallest detail, constantly striving for perfection in performance.
To ensure your comfort and sense of security, we co-operate with a group of the most talented designers. We ourselves not even for a moment cease to evolve, we take part in trainings and participate in international trade fairs to keep up with all the news. We are diligent observers, open to change, designer fashion, popular innovations, but would also pay tribute to the tradition, with particular emphasis on working robustly what guarantees the highest quality and excellence that built a rich history of our company.


James Gorczyczewski

I am a graduate of the Higher School of Public Administration in Szczecin. My experience in work within the industry of design and interior design dates back to 2001. Skills and abillities gained through years of intensive work have given me a solid foundation to create one of the most reliable brands, which is ProfiHome.


Christopher Gorczyczewski

I am a qualified technician electrician, a man very rich in experience. For more than 25 years I have participated in the creation of many private and public facilities, both in Poland and abroad. The huge baggage of professional experience is complemented my knowledge of construction techniques gained during many years of residence in Sweden, which together make me a true market connoisseur.